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As listed in Rough Guides’ ‘10 New Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2016’

Kynren - an epic tale of England

Harold is rejoicing after his victory against the Vikings. But the celebrations are short-lived. The tranquil waters of the lake begin to gently ripple; its smooth surface starts to swirl and seethe. A life-size Norman longship suddenly erupts from its depths. A fierce-looking William the Conqueror and his men leap ashore, their swords held aloft…

You might think you are on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster. You are actually in Bishop Auckland in the North East of England, watching a spectacular night show depicting 2,000 years of British history on a scale never seen before. It opens on 2nd July and runs for 14 shows throughout the summer.

Kynren tells the story of England, seen through the eyes of Arthur, a 10-year-old boy from the North East. He encounters myth, legend and history from Roman times to World War II, witnessing the Viking and Norman invasions, St Cuthbert and the Lindisfarne monks, mediaeval feasts, the Elizabethan era, Georgian Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution along the way.

This spellbinding story is vibrantly brought to life by a cast and crew of more than 1000, illuminated to sensational effect with dazzling pyrotechnics and lighting, set to a spine-tingling soundtrack. You will experience the show in movie-quality surround sound from the 8,000-seater Tribune which sits directly in front of the stage, guaranteeing everyone has a brilliant view. READ MORE



Saturday 2 July saw the much-anticipated Premier of Kynren. Any first night nerves of our fantastic volunteers soon disappeared, thanks to the amazing reception from... read more

Tonight is THE night!

After 3.5 years of planning, 13 months of preparation and with our volunteers giving over 200,000 hours of their time to training and rehearsals, tonight... read more

Ta Daaaa!

We unveiled "Kynren - an epic tale of England" to around 100 members of the press for the first time last Saturday, at our first... read more

It's Heating Up!

Over 100 show team volunteers spent Saturday learning the skills of archery and shooting flaming arrows across the sky, in their first arrow and drum... read more


Eleven Arches is the charity behind Kynren, a must see spectacular bringing to life a dazzling celebration of our regional and national heritage.

Each year, Eleven Arches will stage Kynren, a visually stunning night show, a world-class display of technical and artistic performance, powered by volunteers of all ages and walks of life, providing not only exciting family entertainment but also a truly inspiring experience for both visitors and volunteers.

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