Eleven Arches is proud to present

The UK's 'must see' spectacular live action outdoor theatre show

Prepare to be spellbound by Kynren

Proudly presented by Eleven Arches on a seven-and-a-half acre stage, 1,000 cast and crew immerse you in the telling of a 2,000-year tale; the history of England. Kynren brings to ground-shaking life the story of invasions, royal splendour, wars, heroic sacrifice, daily life and seismic change.

Take your seat with 8,000 others; enjoy a perfect view and be swept along by a thrilling, family-friendly journey. Two thousand years in the making: dazzling pyrotechnics, beautiful choreography, amazing stunts and hard-to-believe horsemanship combine with an inspired, original soundtrack to leave audiences and critics enraptured and awestruck.

NEW FOR 2019 - The Year of the Viking

Take your seat as dusk settles over the vast, still lake and the expectant audience of 8,000 falls silent and the epic show begins.

Suddenly the lake’s deceptively placid waters erupt as a Viking longship, teeming with marauding invaders, bursts from its depths. Their dramatic attack on a fishing village leaves a trail of destruction and fire. The Vikings have arrived!

Before the show experience the more peaceful side of Viking life in the brand new Viking Village. Visit the cookhouse complete with its own vegetable patch and the woodworker’s cottage built into the hillside.

Take a stroll along the stream and watch the past come to life at the working blacksmith’s forge where you’ll be able to see real chainmail being made.

Don’t miss the village’s animal inhabitants like the impressive Highland cattle and the curly haired Wensleydale sheep.

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